About us

Есо Center, a brand of Mezhtrans Moldova S.R.L., has established itself as a prominent player in both domestic and international markets. 

We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of ecological products, providing highly efficient methods for plant protection against pests. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation drives us to offer innovative solutions that minimize economic damage, increase crop yield, reduce costs, and promote agricultural stability.

The benefits of Eco Center products:

  • A variety of over 200 types of pest pheromones; 
  • Pheromone traps and lures, manufactured under Eco Center trademark, can be used both as monitoring tools and as pests mass capture devices;
  • Eco Center products ensure the sustainability, efficiency and profitability of the implementation of integrated pest management techniques; 
  • An opportunity to introduce low-pesticide-input pest management.

With a proven track record of success, our plant protection products have undergone rigorous testing and have been widely embraced by growers both domestically and internationally.

Published on 22.05.2024