Early Detection and Efficient Capture of Pest Insects in Greenhouses and Nurseries with Eco-Friendly Traps

Agrolls traps are specifically designed to attract and capture pests in greenhouses and enclosed spaces, providing an effective and eco-friendly solution. These adhesive tape traps are recommended for use at the beginning of crop cultivation and can be utilized throughout the year. Once installed, they play a crucial role in detecting the presence of pests and capturing them. Eco Center offers a range of biodegradable Agrolls trapsof different sizes and colors.

Agrolls Black - https://www.ecocenter.md/en/item/agrolls-black-biodegradable
The black adhesive tape is specially designed to attract and capture pests like the Tuta absoluta, aiding in monitoring and reducing their population.


Agrolls Blue - https://www.ecocenter.md/en/item/agrolls-blue-biodegradable
The blue adhesive tape is specifically designed for monitoring and combating small insects, such as thrips, in various crops. 


Agrolls Yellow - https://www.ecocenter.md/en/item/agrolls-yellow-biodegradable
The yellow sticky trap is an effective tool for combating and monitoring pests like aphids, whiteflies, drosphila, and other insects. The yellow color of the roll serves as an attractant for the target insects. 


Advantages of using Agrolls traps:

  • Reduces the reliance on insecticide treatments;
  • Leaves no residues on the harvest;
  • Highly attractive to pest insects;
  • Easy to install;
  • Early Pest Detection;
  • Environmentally friendly.

The biodegradable Agrolls products are made in the form of a roll tape with entomological adhesive on both sides. 
The color of the roll is an additional attractant for target insects. 
The products are 100% biodegradable.

Published on 11.07.2023