Eco Center will be a part of the most important national event in the fruit industry.

Eco Center is honored to have an opportunity to participate at the 8th edition of „Fruit business in the Republic of Moldova”, organized by Moldova Fruct and give a presentation to the event attendees.

The conference will take place on 8th - 9th of December, 2022, from 09:30 to 18:00, in the municipality of Chisinau, in the premises of the Capitoles Park restaurant (13a Melestiu str.).

Fruit growers, fruit importers and exporters, well-known experts from the country and abroad will be in attendance at the event.

During these two days, sessions will be organized on current topics such as: the latest trends in the industry, how to increase the competitiveness of Moldovan fruits, new varieties, innovations in the protection of orchards from pest insects, against diseases and climate change risks.

At the conference, participants will have the opportunity to obtain latest information about the efficiency of Eco Center products and services, optimal pheromone-based solutions for plant protection and pest monitoring products, which are environmentally friendly and of high quality.

More details about the conference: Businessul Fructelor în R. Moldova, ediția a VII-a (

Published on 21.02.2023