Expert advice on orchards plant protection with Eco Center products!

The event "Fruit business in the Republic of Moldova", the 8th edition, was attended by more than 150 fruit growers. They discussed different topics and challenges they face, as well as conferred about the improvement of the fruit sector in the season of 2022-2023.

For two days, Moldova Fruct organized sessions with heuristic subjects such as: the latest trends in the sector, increasing the competitiveness of Moldovan fruits, new varieties, innovations in orchards plant protection against diseases and pest insects.

During the presentation of "Integrated pest management - pheromone-based products for pest control and monitoring" expert advice on use of orchard eco plant protection products, was delivered by  Eco Center specialists, that had a privilege to meet the fruit growers at the event.

The participants of the conference had a chance to find out more information from Eco Center specialists on efficiency of our products, that were created to harvest organic fruits.

The use of Eco Center products in agriculture mitigates climate change, minimizes the environmental footprint, and at the same time protects people's health and ensures profits for growers!

Published on 12.12.2022