Monitoring Kits


Pheromone trap kits for pest monitoring predict the need for additional control measures.
Codling moth - Cydia pomonella
Plum fruit moth - Grapholita funebrana/molesta
European grapevine moth - Lobesia botrana
Tomato leafminer - Tuta absoluta
Horse-chestnut leaf miner - Cameraria ohridella
Box tree moth - Cydalima perspectalis

 These sets help to predict the start of flight of insects and the presence of invasion.
 The advantage of these traps is that they only target pests and are harmless to other organisms and environment. This product can be used as an effective pest control method by increasing the number of traps used. 
  Each set includes 5 Delta Paper traps, 5 adhesive inserts, 5 wire hanger and pheromone lures.

Published on 21.03.2023