The Efficiency of Eco Center products for monitoring and control of storage pest insects

Storage pests cause significant damage to food industries. Any harvest, stored in a closed space, can be affected by harmful storage pests, such as:

The quality of the grain harvest is very important from a commercial point of view, and in order for it not to be depreciated, it is necessary to keep it in excellent storage conditions.
Eco Center, proposes an effective method of monitoring of warehouse pests - the Delta Trap with pheromone lures, intended for target insects.
The Delta trap is suitable for capturing and monitoring a variety of insect pests in an efficient and non-toxic way. Using pheromone traps is the first important step in integrated pest management. For the purpose of pest control, we recommend the use of mating disruption dispensers – EP Protect®, an environmentally safe solution, that 
overstimulates male insects with pheromone, causing males to follow “false pheromone trails”, therefore interfering with mate finding behavior. These dispensers provide up to 180 days protection of stored products against Pyralidae 

Eco Center manufactures over 200 types of pheromones and a range of traps for pest insects.

Published on 24.10.2022