To Bee or not to Bee

Bees are essential for the environment and our food supply in a number of different ways. Can we survive without them? Depends on whom you ask, but it will certainly cause a chain reaction.

First, plants that are pollinated exclusively by bees will probably die off. And this will probably trigger additional extinctions of dependent organism. And the extinctions of those will alter other ecosystems and the ripples will continue on and on.

Even if some plants will survive the” bee Armageddon”, without bees they will have lower reproductive success and the enormous volumes of harvest, we are used to, would simply be unsustainable and expensive. So, prepare to say goodbye to your affordable avocado on toast.

There are a number of reasons why the bees are dying like air pollution, global warming, pesticides, nutrition deficit etc. But, we can try to save bees, one at a time, by changing our habits, by leading the way towards ecological agriculture, by minimizing the use of pesticides.

Pesticides, when used responsibly, can be very effective at reducing the number of pests, but the systemic use of pesticides is both destructive and costly. Using pheromone traps as monitoring tools, that will help assess risks to crops and need for supplementary pest management actions will help to use pesticides only when needed and in doses that are needed.

We, here at Eco Center, are always looking for new environmentally friendly ways to protect the crops, while keeping the bees safe and happy.

Published on 19.02.2022