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Cydalima perspectalis lures

Cydalima perspectalis lure is a component of an insect trapping device that uses pheromones to lure box tree moths into a trap.

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Product Description

The lure, in the form of the rubber dispenser, containing Cydalima perspectalis pheromone, must be placed in a pheromone trap to be fully functional (traps can be bought separately or in kits with lures). 

Using such pheromone lures is an economic, environmentally sound approach to either monitor or mass-trap these pests. 

The lures in the traps must be replaced every 4-6 weeks to keep attraction rates high. Shelf life - up to 1 year (optimum conditions). 

When to use

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Rubber dispenser.


4-6 weeks once opened. May vary depending on climate.

How to use

  • Take out the pheromone lure from its foil pouch just before use and place it on the trap (following Trap Use instructions).
  • Do not place lures unprotected in direct sun.
  • Please keep in mind that the disposal of the wrapping should be done away from the monitoring area.


Place the trap near the highest point of the crop, secure it by using supporting posts, at the height of about 1,5-2 meters.

Positioning Density

For monitoring purposes – 2-4 traps should be deployed per hectare.

For mass-trapping – the recommended number of traps is subject to pest pressure and locally approved control strategy.


Pheromone lures should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. For conservation of lures for longer periods of time it is recommended to refrigerate the product, in which case they will be effective for over 12 months.


Replace every 4-6 weeks or as recommended by the agricultural authorities. Please keep in mind that the disposal of the old pheromone dispensers should be done away from the monitoring area, to avoid interference with the monitoring process.


Handle carefully. Even though this substance is not harmful to humans and the environment it is advised to use gloves when handling the product and wash hands thoroughly before and after handling the lures.


The lures are individually wrapped in an airtight foil pouch (to protect it from sunlight and contamination). Each pheromone Lure/Dispenser contains 3 mg of ready to use blend.

Suitable Items

Delta Paper trap (with insert)

Delta Paper is suitable for trapping and monitoring  a variety of pest insects, in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Must be used together with a target-insect lure.

Delta Paper trap (with insert)
EC Bucket trap

EC Bucket Trap is specially designed as a monitoring and control tool, part of the Integrated Pest Management approach. This Trap is easy to assemble by yourself and consists of a bucket, funnel, lid, dispenser holder and wire hager and pheromone lure.

EC Bucket trap



Non-toxic - this product doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.


Recycled materials - recycled materials are used to manufacture this product.

Safe for Human

Safe for Human - effective, not-toxic pest control solution, that is completely safe for use around humans.