Delta Paper trap (with insert)


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Delta Paper trap (with insert)

Delta Paper is suitable for trapping and monitoring  a variety of pest insects, in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Must be used together with a target-insect lure.

Category: Traps

Product Description

The most widely known pheromone trap design. Made from biodegradable cardboard, each Delta Paper trap comes with a one-sided sticky insert.  

It is suitable for trapping and monitoring a wide variety of pest insects, allowing users to assess risks to crop and need for supplementary  pest management action.

When to use

Please refer to information available for the intented for use pheromone lure.

Delta Paper Trap is made out of cardboard and can be used for 1 season.

How to use

• Remove the Delta trap from its packaging;
• Fold along creases to create a triangular shape, similar to a tent;
• Peel off the protective film from the adhesive insert;
• Take out the lures from the aluminum foil packaging, put it on the adhesive side of the insert;
• Place the insert (adhesive side up) into the trap and fold in the sides of the Delta trap;
• Hang the trap near the highest point of the trees, secure at the height of about 1-2-meters;
• The lures in the traps must be replaced every 4-6 weeks to keep attraction rates high.

Positioning Density

Trap density varies depending оn climatic and biological considerations. As а rule of thumb, for monitoring purposes - 1 trap should bе deployed every hectare and а minimum of 2 traps per farm;
and for mass-capturing purposes the number of Delta Traps to Ье deployed varies depending оn type of pest, level of infestation etc.


The Delta Paper trap does not require specific conditions for storing. Please refer to species-specific lure for information regarding it's storing.

Working Conditions

Delta Paper Trap should preferably bе deployed before the emergence of the first generation of the pest until the end of season. Decisions оn further application of pest management actions should not be taken solely оn the data obtained from capturing the pests оn Delta Paper traps. Other factors as level of incursion, climate etc should bе taken into account.



Bio-degradable - traps are safe for environment and are made out of bio-degradable cardboard.


Non-toxic - this product doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

Pesticide free

Pesticide free - this trap does not contain pesticides.

Safe for Human

Safe for Human - effective, not-toxic pest control solution, that is completely safe for use around humans.