Tortrix viridana

Tortrix viridana

Short pest overview:

Tortrix viridana, known as green oak moth or green oak tortrix, is a distinctive green moth whose larvae feed on tree leaves, especially oak. Infestation is visible in the tree crowns as damaged assimilative organs, including complete defoliation by the abundant larvae. Tortrix viridana reduced tree growth and wood increment. A reduced growth of trees causes a decrease in ecosystem productivity.

Geographic Distribution:

It's found in Russia, Europe, Tajikistan, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Norway, United Kingdom, etc.

Life Cycle:

Tortrix viridana completes a single generation per year. Larvae are also green and occur from April to June, from dusk onwards. Adults are on wing in June and July. Females lay eggs during June and July in the crown of the host tree. The eggs overwinter and larvae hatch the following April and May.