Tuta absoluta

Tuta absoluta

Short pest overview:

Tuta absoluta is a species of moth in family Gelechiidae known by the common names tomato leafminer, tomato pinworm and South American tomato moth. Tomato is the main host plant, but Tuta absoluta also attacks other crop plants of the nightshade family. The larva feeds voraciously upon tomato plants, producing large galleries in leaves, burrowing in stalks, and consuming apical buds and green and ripe fruits.

Geographic Distribution:

It is well known as a serious pest of tomato crops in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and South and North America.

Life Cycle:

Pupation lasts from 11 days (+30°С) to 36 days (+15°С). Tuta absoluta, in adult form, can live from 9-23 days. The whole life cycle of the pest is completed in 29-89 days. Moreover, about 15 generations may be produced annually, depending on the environmental conditions.