Epicometis (tropinota) hirta

Epicometis (tropinota) hirta

Short pest overview:

The adult has an oval-elongated body 9-14 mm long and 6-8 mm wide black matte, covered with thick, gray hairs.


Geographic Distribution:

The flower beetle is widespread in Europe, North America, North Africa and the Middle East.

Life Cycle:

The flowers beetle has one generation per year. It winters as an adult in the ground. The appearance of adults takes place in April, their flight lasts until July-August, between 10 am and 4 pm. At the beginning, the adults meet on different flowering plants from the spontaneous flora, and after the flowering of the fruit trees, they concentrate in the fruit plantations. For 3-4 days after emergence, adults feed on the internal floral organs (stamens, pistil, etc.).